Family & Victim Advocacy

Ensuring child abuse victims and their non-offending caregivers are supported.

Kids Hub Family and Victim Advocates work directly with non-offending caregivers and members of the Multidisciplinary Team to refer children and families for appropriate services, such as forensic medical exams and mental health.


Before the forensic interview begins, the Family & Victim Advocate walks the non-offending caregiver through all necessary paperwork and gathers a brief family history.


Family & Victim Advocates also make referrals for appropriate services based on the needs of the non-offending caregiver and child.


After the forensic interview concludes, the Family & Victiim Advocate, along with Child Protection Services and Law Enforcement, will meet with the non-offending caregiver to discuss appropriate referrals and next steps.

Kids Hub Community Closet

The Community Closet serves as a resource for children and families serviced by Kids Hub CAC, or children and families who have involvement in Child Protection Services, filled with toiletries, bedding, clothes, shoes, and any other essential item a child and their family might need.

Handle With Care

In 2018, Kids Hub Child Advocacy Center discovered a population of children who were experiencing trauma, but never received services due to their trauma going unnoticed. In an effort to have access to these children and provide them with services, Kids Hub CAC developed the Handle with Care program in Marion County School District and began training law enforcement and educator in Handle with Care protocol. Now, anytime a child had involvement with law enforcement (domestic dispute, car wreck, etc.) that law enforcement officer will fill out a questionnaire on the Handle with Care app, providing the child's name, age, and school attending. That Handle with Care Notice will then be sent to the principal of the school the child is attending, and he/she will notify the child's teacher. Upon receiving the information from the principal, the child's teacher will now know to handle the child with care when the child's trauma begins to affect their behavior in class.