The video is a cartoon depicting a girl who discloses abuse prior to child advocacy centers. As the video progresses, you are taken through the girl’s experience and how her situation improves with the CAC.

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  • Mystery at the Camellia House presented by Clearman Insurance Agency

    Kids Hub CAC and Clearman Insurance Agency present Mystery at the Camellia House on October 19, 2018, at 7pm! Tickets are $35 per person and will go on sale on August 15th on Eventbrite! They’ll be food, drinks, and mystery! Don’t forget to dress up as your favorite 1920’s theme and invite your friends! Sponsorships are still available!

    Want to Become a Sponsor?
    As a sponsor, you will receive media attention and you will be able to help children find a voice to speak out about abuse.  The Board of Directors for Kids Hub CAC is currently in contact with local radio stations, newspaper and magazines as well as television stations, to help promote this event.  We are anxiously looking forward to the great success to come from this event, …

  • Darkness To Light Interest Meeting

    Kids Hub CAC is hosting an interest meeting for anyone within the community who has indirect or direct contact with children. We will discuss ways we can join together to educate your volunteers, organization, and community about child abuse and prevention. Educational resources are free to the community! Lunch will not be provided but feel free to bring your own meal to eat during the presentation! Content is appropriate for ages 15 and up! The meeting will be on Thursday, July 12, 2018, at the Forrest General Hospital’s Elm Room near the cafeteria.

A response to the ‘sister survivors’ from the U.S. Olympics Gymnastics Team from a former gymnast who currently works at Kids Hub.
How do you feel about the speech at the ESPYS 2018 awards and the Nasser trial?
As someone who idolized the gymnasts that came from the Karolyi Camp and Ranch, it disgust me that this was happening for so many decades. Now that I work with victims of child sexual abuse, the image and speech was empowering. I hope it helps young people stand up, speak out and realize they are not alone.
Working in this field and being a former gymnast, what would you say to a parent of a child who does gymnastics or another gymnast?
To the parent, I would say have open communication with your child about boundaries, have multiple conversations and be willing to listen. If your child does disclose, believe your child and report it.
To the …

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