How Our Services Work

Children are referred to Kids Hub Child Advocacy Center by law enforcement and/or the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services when one or more of the following circumstances has occurred:

A child has disclosed sexual abuse.
A child has experienced physical abuse or neglect.
A child has witnessed a violent crime.

Kids Hub Child Advocacy Center is a non-profit organization that brings together investigative agencies, medical and mental health professionals, as well as members of the criminal justice system to advocate for that which is in the best interest of the child.

Forensic Interviews

Forensic interviews are conducted with children when there has been an allegation of physical or sexual abuse. Children that have witnessed a violent crime may also require a forensic interview.

A forensic interview is a child’s opportunity to share in detail their experiences. All forensic interviews are conducted by a trained professional. Forensic interviews are conducted to elicit the child’s statement in a way that is developmentally and culturally sensitive, unbiased, and fact-finding in nature.

Forensic interviews are recorded and the investigative agencies involved in the child’s case will be present to observe the interview through closed-circuit television.


Family & Victim Advocacy

Family and victim advocacy will be provided to all child victims and their non-offending caregivers. Our advocates will begin working with you as soon as you arrive at our center. They will walk you through filling out all of the necessary paperwork and they are there to answer any questions you may have while the forensic interview is taking place.

The advocate will follow-up with you and your child to make sure you are aware of the investigative process and to make sure that you are receiving the appropriate follow-up services. The advocate will also ensure that you and your child are aware of the rights you have under the Victims of Crime Act and will assist you in completing an assistance application.

The most important role of the family and victim advocate is that they make sure you, as the caregiver, are supported so that you might be better able to support your child.

Multidisciplinary Team Case Review

The purpose of the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is to develop a standard response, using a team approach, to the investigation and prosecution of all child abuse cases. This Team works collaboratively to reduce trauma to children, promote successful legal intervention, and work to ensure the availability of appropriate follow-up services for children and their families.

Multidisciplinary Teams include members of the following agencies:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • Victim Advocacy
  • District Attorney's Office
  • Mental Health Agencies

Child Abuse Prevention Education

Kids Hub works to educate individuals, families, and the community on what child abuse is and how it is affecting our community.

To educate children, we provide child abuse prevention and awareness presentations within local schools.

To educate families, we provide resource materials that will help families learn together.

To educate community members, we partner with local organizations and groups to speak about child abuse and ways that individuals can help prevent and stop child abuse. We work to provide public service announcements regarding child abuse and keep our website up to date with relevant information pertaining to child abuse and how you can help.